Sunday, March 9, 2014

Prayer and Pictures

I took my dog, Cooper, for a walk this afternoon.  The air was a little chilly, but the sun warmed us up as the few clouds that were in the blue sky blew their way out.  As we walked, I remembered those last few weeks leading up to Jaxon's last days.  Jaxon and I would walk with Cooper up and down the hill and my sweet baby boy would stretch and push up against my ribs.  Those last few weeks contained more pushes than kicks, he had lost the ability to kick me because his legs had gotten so long.  I would try my best to stand and sit as straight as I could in order to give him the room he needed, I remember I would laugh at him because anytime I would bend over, he would push right back up against me.  I will cherish the memory of those days forever.  

I have to tell you, it really surprises me the way some days I can look back with a smile.  I believe with all my heart, these days are beginning to come more often than not because of the prayers that have so generously been blanketed over us.

Thank you God, for the people that have been praying for us.  It is through them, that the dark parts of my soul have seen Your Light.  Thank you.   

I want to share a few pictures of my Jaxon with you.

These are my favorite pictures of him.  The first picture is Jaxon in his baseball outfit all wrapped up in his soooooooooooft sportie blanket.  The second one is just Jaxon, my sweet baby, looking like the perfect baby he was.  The third is John-Michael holding our Jaxon's feet- that I totally claim!! You see those pinkie toes that kind of curl in?  Yea, those are mine :)  And the last one is him looking all sweet with the lamb that Mallie brought for him.  Mallie Ray took these pictures- what a blessing she gives to us through these pictures.  You know, we didn't even notice his feet were like mine until we saw this picture.

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