Tuesday, May 20, 2014

back to the dr

A couple weeks ago, on the 8th (sorry, I know- my posts are terribly out of order), I went to go see Dr. Ward.  I needed to talk to her about so many things that had been on my mind.  My cycles were doing some funky things, we still hadn't heard from her about Jaxon's final autopsy report, and I really, really want to get pregnant- you can't do that when your cycles won't behave!

Anyway, first thing's first… I needed to locate her!!  Apparently she left the office where I had last seen her at and started her own practice!  In Rockwall!  That's about 45 mins to an hour away from where I live, so I thought to myself... crap.  This won't work will it…

I made an appointment to see her anyway.  After-all, she has a connection to me that I wouldn't get with any other doctor.  I did a little research on her- she was voted as one of DFWChild Magazine's "mom recommended ob/gyns," she specializes in high-risk pregnancies (not that I am high risk, but it's good to know), and right there on the page was a review done by a mom who had also lost a baby.  It felt right.

It RAINED!!!  I mean monsoon rain all the way there… it took me over an hour to get there!  I guess pulling off the highway because you think you have a flat tire doesn't help either!  (Haha, yea I think the devil was plotting hard against me this day.)  Sopping wet, I open the door to her new office and see the sweetest girl at the front desk.  She talked to me about the rain and said, "no worries!  We knew you were driving all the way from Irving, so we thought you might be a little late."

Wow.  They knew where I was coming from?  That is awesome.  They know me.  The girl at the front desk even knew who I was.  Remember ya'll, the first time I ever met this doctor was on November 13th when she delivered Jaxon.

I finished up the paperwork… it was like I was a new patient, but I wasn't.  They just didn't have any of this type of paperwork on file for me yet.  I had to fill in the pregnancy history part.  You know, the part where it asks you how many pregnancies and how many living children you have?  ugh.

The nurse that took me back remembered me right away, and after talking with her for a few minutes, her face started to look familiar.  You see, that day that I first met this nurse (at my 2-week post-partum check-up), I was trying so hard not to cry the whole time I was there- I couldn't tell you who was there other than Dr. Ward.  She tells me with a sincere smile on her face, "Dr. Ward told me yesterday that you were coming today."  That was nice to hear.

To make a long story short, Dr. Ward talked to me for an hour and a half.  We got down to business and discussed my cycles (all is just fine by the way), had an exam, did some bloodwork, and talked about our plan for the next pregnancy.  I was reassured that she would watch the baby like a hawk and do many, many sonograms.  Piece of mind is high on the priority list not only for me, but for her as well.  She asked me how I was doing.  The real how are you doing.  I told her about Hope Mommies and how it has helped me.  She shared with me that there was someone she knew that could use Hope Mommies and so I gave her the information to pass along.  She said she was always looking for resources she can share with moms who lose their babies, and this sounded like a good one to her.

And she still delivers at Baylor.  I indeed could still have the same team for my second baby.  :)  Not that I needed her to say that at this point (my decision to stay with her was already made), but this detail put the icing on the cake.  I'm not sure why the devil was trying so hard to sabotage the day, but I'm glad I rolled with the punches.  I feel like some wonderful things will happen with Dr. Ward.

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